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Due to numerous snow dates, most league, clinic* and season court ending dates were pushed back. 

Here are the new ending dates:

Monday Leagues- April 30th

Monday Season Courts- April 30th

Monday Clinics- May 14th

Tuesday Leagues- May 1st

Tuesday Morning Season Courts- May 8th

Tuesday Evening Season Courts- May 1st

Tuesday Clinics- May 15th

Wednesday Leagues- May 23rd

Wednesday Season Courts- May 23rd

Wednesday Clinics- June 6th

Thursday 9:30 Ladies' Leagues - May 24th

Thursday 8PM Men's League- May 17th

Thursday Season Courts- May 10th

Thursday Clinics- May 24th


Friday Leagues- May 11th

Friday Season Courts- May 11th

Friday Clinics- May 25th


Saturday Leagues- May 5th

Saturday Season Courts- May 5th

Saturday Clinics- May 19th


Sunday Leagues- May 13th

Sunday Season Courts- May 13th

Sunday Clinics- May 20th 

*If you are currently doing a privately organized clinic with a specific pro, please check with them for ending dates as these often vary from the club clinic ending dates. 

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