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Cross Court Club News

September 2014





Cross Court 40+ 3.0 Ladies (Forty Love)

The Cross Court Forty Love team won the Mid-Hudson title after going 8-2 this season.  They then took on the Westchester champion, Hampshire Country Club.  Cross Court won 3-2 and advanced to the Sectional Championships in Schenectady,NY.

After playing teams from Long Island, New Jersey, Metro (NYC), Northern NY and Western NY, the Forty Love team finished in fourth place with a 3-2 record.  Five of the six teams finished 3-2, so the championship came down to individual wins.  New Jersey led with 15 individual wins while Cross Court had 13 individual wins. New Jersey will now advance to the National Championships in October.  It was a tremendous effort by the Cross Court ladies.  Congrats to all!


Team members include Captains Amy Jordan and Nancy Yi, Beth Hammond, Stephanie Harrison, Jennifer Reap, Linda Orbacz, Barbara Moran, Christine Casey-Charter, Jody Popple, Vicki Torzilli, Kristy Lee, Perry Goldsmith, Sarah Lee, Nita Ballantyne, Tracy Butler and Niki Pagones.

Cross Court USTA Teams Have Stellar Season!


Cross Court 40+ 3.5 Ladies (Cross Court Ferris)

The Cross Court 3.5 ladies won the Mid-Hudson Champion title now for the second year in a row.  Last year they fell to Westchester at the Regional Playoffs, but this year they succeeded in beating the team from Club Fit Briarcliff 3-2.  With an 11-0 record, the Cross Court 3.5 ladies advanced to the Sectional Championships  in Schenectady, NY. 

Friday action included an early 2-3 loss to Northern and then a 3-2 victory over the team from Western NY.  Saturday started with a tough match against the Metro (NYC) team.  Three of the matches came down to third set tie-breaks with Metro taking the victory 4-1.  The Cross Court ladies regrouped and then took on the Long Island team, beating them 3-2. 

The championships wrapped up with a Sunday match against the New Jersey team.  Cross Court won the match 3-2 and finished with a 3-2 overall record for the weekend.  Metro took first place and advances to the National Championships in October.  NJ placed second with the Cross Court ladies in third, ahead of Northern, Western and Long island.  Congrats to all on a great performance! 


Team members include Captains Lynn Ferris and Tina Shevetone, Karen Rossi, Kathleen Vogel, Kathy Noble, Laurie Hedlund, Kim Grundy, Susan Cooper, Geeta Gorwara, Barbara Rawdon, Lorrayn Pickerell, Barbara Moran, Kelly Thompson, Karen Ventosa, Jenn Cox, Eileen Phillips, Janice Dimock, Niki Pagones and Nancy Yi.

Cross Court 18+ 3.5 Men (Cross Court Slammers) 

The Cross Court 3.5 18+ men had a stellar season, winning the Mid-Hudson title and advancing to the Regional Playoffs.  They then defeated the Westchester Champions from Chestnut Ridge with a dominant 4-1 performance.  With an 11-0 record, the Cross Court 3.5 18+ men then headed to the Sectional Championships in Schenectady August 22-24.  They started the weekend with a 3-2 victory over the Northern team. Matches against Metro, Long Island, Western and New Jersey proved to be tougher, and our 3.5 guys finished the weekend with a 1-4 record, in 5th place.  It was a great effort and a great season for the Cross Court 3.5 guys.

Team members include Captain Alex Tokatlyan, Bill Hartwig, Jose Garcia, Dave Posner, Ed Hermosilla, Rod Mano, Dean Christie, Charlie Dubois, Rich O'Keefe, Paul Polletta, Chad Lewick, Bob Williams, Richard Wang, James Tadal, Luis Viornery, Frank Kich, Scott Frank, Fred Jardinico, Luca toro, and Ted Gross.


Cross Court 18+ 3.0 Ladies (Black Diamonds)

The Black Diamonds went 10-2 to become the Mid-Hudson Champions for the second year in a row.  They then faced off against the Westchester Champion, Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club.  With a 3-2 victory, the Cross Court 18+ 3.0 "Black Diamonds" team secured their spot at  the Eastern Section Championships. 

Friday's action started with  a 4-1 win over the Metro (NYC) team.  Their second match was a nailbiter 2-3 loss to Long Island.  The Black Diamonds dominated their matches Saturday and Sunday with a 5-0 win over the Northern team and 4-1 wins over Western and New Jersey.  The Long Island team went undefeated for the weekend and advances to the National Championships in October.  Our Cross Court ladies, at 4-1, finished in second place!  Soooo close!!  It was a great effort by all.  Congrats to the Black Diamonds on a fantastic season! 


Team members include Captain Kimberly Hunt-Lee, Niki Pagones, Nancy Yi, Kari Reiber, Dana Bol, Anna-Marie Dolgov, Sarah Lee, Susan Aylward, Nita Ballantyne, Carole Daponte, Kieran Boyle, Jessica Kenaston, Colleen Janicik, Nikki Roberts, and Lauren Marz.

Congrats to all on a great season!!

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